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Welcome to 7th Grade!!
7th Grade Distance Learning
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Gym Thursday (students wear their gym uniform to school)


week of March 23

7th grade science Students,

You will create a powerpoint presentation about the nervous system.
must provide the following information:
1. Function
2. Parts (organs)
3. pictures
4. disorders that affect the nervous system

8th grade science

6th grade science Monday-Wednesday week of 3/16
Students are to answer the following questions on loose leaf paper. Will be collected when students return to school.

1. Define the following words, luster, hardness, streak, fault block mountain, and folded mountain.
2. List the three types of mountains.
3. Explain the rock cycle.

Week of 3/23/20
Answer the following questions
1. What happens when plates push against each other?
2. The name of the highest mountain in the world?


Answer the following questions
1. What is a volcano?
2 What are the two ways a volcano forms?
3. List the three types of volcanoes.

7th grade assignments

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7th grade homeroom teacher