Ms. Jennings - 6-8

Welcome to 7th Grade!!
Students and Parents welcome back!
Behavior Calendar must be signed every night
*Students must turn in their cell phones every morning*
*Parents please make sure that your child is coming to school with pens and pencils everyday*
Progress Reports are due signed
Textbooks must be covered***
*Gym is on Thursday....wear gym uniform*
High School Visitation papers due 2/26

Upcoming test
Reading Test Friday
Science Quiz Tomorrow

Gym Thursday (students wear their gym uniform to school)



7th grade science no homework

Task Sheet

8th grade science work on task sheet

Task Sheet

6th grade science work on task sheet

7th grade Vocabulary/reading work on unit 10 in vocabulary workbook pages 132-133

7th grade Writing/grammar

7th grade math page 29 numbers 1-2

Ms. Jennings



7th grade homeroom teacher