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Dear Parents and Students:
The following homework is past due!

*Please find a quote from an African American Ancestor or
Elder that inspires you.
-Write down the quote.
-Please state who it is from.
-Please write an essay explaining why it is inspirational.
*Dr. King cannot be a choice!

Gentle Reminders: 3 well sharpened #2 pencils are needed for all classes. *(No Mechanical Pencils are allowed unless specified.)

LooseLeaf is needed for every class.

Legacy of Pride attendance is important for excellence in your Fine Arts Grade this trimester!!

Behavior counts toward your child's grades. Please give them a gentle reminder!


Monday 2/10/20

Grade 4 Art

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Grade 5 Music

Grade 6 Art

Grade 6 Music

Grade 7 Art

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Grade 8 Music

Mrs. Idokogi’s Homework Page

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