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Why Choose our School?

St. Raymond School

Cultivating the Head, Heart and Hands of Your Child


Saint Raymond School…Who are we?

 Saint Raymond School is an Independence Mission School (Pre-K thru 8th grade).  Since 1949 the School has provided a quality education to the children of our neighborhood.

Under the direction of our Principal, our faculty strives for the highest levels of professionalism.  50% of our faculty has earned a Masters Degrees and all of our faculty and staff participate in ongoing formation that calls them to excellence in every area of their life.

The classroom experience is enriched by our library, computer lab, science lab, chapel as well as our spacious campus.  Teachers use the latest technology in the education process to facilitate the learning experience of our students.

The Faculty & Staff of Saint Raymond School are part of a long, proud tradition of Catholic Education.  Throughout history, the Catholic Church has used education as a tool to improve lives and change the world.  This tradition lives on through the vision of our Church at St. Raymond today.


Saint Raymond School…What do we do?


Saint Raymond School exists to educate your child in a Christian environment.  We remain committed to a rigorous curriculum that is relevant for the world of today.

Saint Raymond School strives to challenge our students through our Core Curriculum of Math, Science, English Language Arts and Social Studies.  Our curriculum is the product of many years of research in education and offers our students knowledge and the skills to be life long learners.

Our curriculum also includes Religion and the Integrated Arts.  Students are instructed in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Church and given regular opportunities for prayer and worship.  Our school seeks to develop the “whole person” by allowing students to experience Art, Music, Theater and Physical Education.

Saint Raymond School values service learning.  Each student is given the opportunity to develop leadership skills while also learning the value of service to others.  This happens through special projects during the school year and each day in the classroom environment.


Saint Raymond School…Why do we do it?


The decision to educate your child in a Catholic School is made mindful of the financial sacrifice that will be required.  Our parents believe that the benefits of an education at Saint Raymond far outweigh the cost.

Your child will be equipped for success in High School and beyond.  Our faculty and staff will prepare them for the next step in their journey of life.

Your child will be equipped to live a life centered on the teaching and example of Jesus Christ.  Saint Raymond School models for your child the values that lead to a life of respect for self and others.

Your child will be equipped to be a good citizen of our nation.  Our school wants to produce graduates who will be positive members of our community, making a contribution to the betterment of our world today and tomorrow.

We want to partner with you in serving what is your greatest treasure, your child.  Saint Raymond School exists to equip the children of today for the days that are to come.


There is Always More…

  • Various Scholarships are available to those who qualify
  • Bussing available for some students
  • Before & After School Care available each day
  • Summer Camp from the end of June through the end of August
  • Sports Program for 5th thru 8th grade
  • After school STEM program for 5th thru 8th grade
  • School Activities include: Student Council, School Choir, Dance and more