School News and Events

4th Grade Journalists in the Making

November 6, 2017

Our school has partnered with Healthy News Works (HNW) to implement a hands-on approach to simultaneously teaching students about writing,  journalism, and health related topics.

Denise Foley of HNW has been visiting our fourth grade students once a week to …

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Alumni Weekend 2017

Five years ago St. Raymond of Penafort began an annual tradition of inviting anyone and everyone to revisit our parish and school.  Each year since 2012, organizers of the Alumni Mass have invited anyone who had ever graduated or attended …

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Howley Family Foundation Visit

September 20, 2017

We were happy to be visited by the President (Lorie Howley) and Executive Director (Meg Mitkus) of the Howley Family Foundation. The mission of this foundation is to award academic scholarships and to provide tuition assistance to elementary, high …

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An Important Back-to-School Message From Our President

August 23, 2017

Dear IMS community,

With so much turmoil happening in our world and in our country, it is troublesome to have to live and grow up in a place where so much hatred exists. However, it is good to remember our …

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Inner City Church Adapts to Changing Culture and Thrives

June 22, 2017

PHILADELPHIA – The Catholic Church is known for its sacred traditions. Those traditions, however, can make the Church seem resistant to change.

One Philadelphia parish challenged that perception when it moved to transform along with the neighborhood it serves.


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